Our Story

Once upon a time in a small town far away, there was a young woman with a dream...

Hello, my name is Gabrielle. I have spent many years perfecting this recipe and finally creating the magic that is The ONE FUDGE CHOCOLATE BAR. I grew up witnessing many of my friends and family members suffering with food allergies (including myself) and the emotional stress that comes with not enjoying our food. 

Food is the center of almost every culture. It is how we commune with one another and express our love and joy. It is how we connect and nourish ourselves and all those that join us at our table. It is also the basic key for vibrant health. I have my own love story with food which you can read about, where I share my journey of vibrant health and lifestyle design.  The ONE Fudge Bar was created in the inspiration of my friends and family to celebrate health and the magic that we feel when we are filled with love and joy from spending time with those that matter to us most. 

The ONE Fudge Chocolate Bar was the first raw organic chocolate bar to hit the Shelves of Whole Foods Market back in 2007. I spent years playing in the kitchen, developing its rich, creamy, texture and flavor. Our slogan, "One Life. One Love. One Chocolate Bar"® came to me while I was driving with my then boyfriend, deeply in love, and I yelled out, "That's it!" He was surprised by my sudden outburst and of course asked "what's it, what's it?" and I went on to explain... 

"The ONE Fudge Chocolate Bar is all about that one moment. That one experience. Whether it be that one kiss, that one embrace, everyone can relate to those "ONE" magical moments that inextricably leave an imprint in our hearts... forever." 

So you see... THE ONE FUDGE CHOCOLATE BAR was and is born of love. 

My beautiful family has been part of every aspect of the success of this loved filled chocolate bar, without whom I would not be where I am today. 


As a busy mom to twin boys and a small business owner (or as I lovingly like to say, ‘Mom-trepreneur’), I understand the challenges of balancing smart food choices with an on-the-go lifestyle. The One Fudge Bar emerged from the need to provide a quick, easy boost of powerful nutrition to my family and my clients’ families that we would all love. It was such a hit that many of my clients encouraged me to develop this tasty, nutritious chocolate bar. The One Fudge Bar packs a nutritious punch while keeping the joy of a rich and creamy bar in every bite. Our health is our wealth and we all deserve to thrive!
— Gabrielle Brick

We here at The ONE Fudge Chocolate Bar believe in integrity and quality and go to great means to make sure we provide our customers with the highest quality raw organic chocolate fudge bar.

Every batch is made by hand in a small traditional copper pot Bain-Marie. The temperature of our cacao is always kept under 115 degrees so as to be able to melt all the fats all the while keeping the integrity of the nutritional benefits of our cacao and superfood ingredients.

While our cacao is melting it is continuously stirred, creating a silky smooth texture; we slowly add each of our dry ingredients always stirring to ensure the most rich and creamy texture when finished. Our chocolate is hand tempered on a marble table and then we hand pour our raw organic heirloom chocolate into each mold. Once the chocolate sets, every bar is wrapped by hand.

We believe that the quality and integrity put into sourcing our ingredients as well as making each bar is what sets us apart from most.

The ONE Fudge Chocolate Bar is made with love and with the intention of offering a sophisticated, gourmet, delicious, guilt free experience that offers the body, mind and soul something that will awaken its senses.

May The ONE Fudge bring you as much love and joy as it has brought us, nourishing you and your loved ones with every bite.